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Providence Electric logoBased in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Providence Electric specializes in residential electrical service and repair, including electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues. Providence Electric offers you the very best customer service.

Providence Electric Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide electrical knowledge and service with patience, politeness, and thoroughness. To fully explain to each client, in terms they can understand, what needs to be done and why, no matter how long it takes.

  • To treat each person with respect and kindness, and never to keep them waiting unnecessarily.
  • To stay on the leading edge of client care and knowledge through continuing education and equipment modernization.
  • To build the company on relationships making friends out of clients.

Since 2002, Providence Electric has been providing honest and professional electrical,  telephone, cat 5, and cable jack service and  installation. We  give you an honest answer to your electrical repair questions, even if that means we don’t get the job. We are your Honest Electricians.

Providence Electric Services Include:

 Whether it’s installing a new outlet or a ceiling fan, we’ll get the job on time and with superior customer service.

Please call  Providence Electric at (817) 721-0794 or EMAIL us to schedule your electrical service.