Why You Should Hire Us

Since 2002, Providence Electric has provided honest and professional electrical, telephone, cat 5, and cable jack service and  installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We give you an honest answer to your electrical repair questions, even if that means we don’t get the job.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire Providence Electric

1.  We can repair and install anything electric in your home or office. Our electricians are licensed by the State of Texas  (TECL 25983) and are highly skilled and trained professionals.   Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas, 78711, 1-800-803-9202. A

2.  We value your patronage and we strive to make every installation experience the best. Our goal is to ensure that when you call Providence Electric,  you will be greeted by a friendly technician within  twenty-four hours.

3.  We pride ourselves on providing on-time service.  We respect your valuable time and understand that you have more important things to do than wait on a repairman.

We will schedule your service time and  call you at least 30 minutes before the technician arrives to let you know that we are on our way.

4.  Providence Electric is your 24-hour electrical install and repair service company. We specialize in customers who need after business hours service calls.

5. Providence Electric offers special rates for multiple installations and in most cases, we  can schedule your project and complete it within twenty-four hours.

See what our customers have to say about Providence Electric. Testimonials.

Please to call  Providence Electric at (817) 721-0794 or EMAIL to schedule your electrical service.

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