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April 22, 2015

Problem Solved: Troubleshooting on an outlet that would go out periodically and would cause electricity to go out in a second bedroom in my home.

I contacted Zachary on Monday, at about 8:15 am. He called me back within 15-20 minutes. He was in the area and dropped by to checkout my issue.

At the time, the outlet was on and working. He stated he would be able to better troubleshoot it once it goes out again. Well, it wasn't five minutes after he left that it went out after I plugged a laptop in the outlet.

I called him and advised him of the situation. I also stated to him he didn't have to come back right away, but he could call me back at his leisure. He called me right back and stated he would return. I was surprised because then I started thinking about my pocketbook. He's come out here twice,  that has to be a double trip charge!
He came in and diagnosed the problem. It was another outlet that had loose wiring that was affecting the outlet in the same area and the items plugged into the outlet in the second bedroom.

Very simple fix. The contractor that replaced a wall for me failed to place the wires back on the outlet correctly. Zachary showed me the problem and also explained the correct procedure on how it should have been done.
I did ask him about an additional trip charge. He stated there would not be one. I thought his price for the job was fair and even gave him a small tip for his trouble. He is really a very nice man.  He wanted to clean up, but since I am retired and he is working, I opted to do the clean up, which was very minimal.
I chose Zachary based on his reviews on Angie's List and also that he sometimes replies to them! That he would take the time to do so is impressive. He was very professional and personable. I liked his openness and honesty when discussing my issue and other questions that I asked him. My brother, who lives in Ohio is a wannabe electrician, Zachary offered to answer questions from him! Just a really nice guy.
It was a pleasure doing business with him. I would use him again. Also, as a woman requesting his services, he was not condescending or dismissive. He was very patient with my questions and answered them very thoroughly. He did not talk above my head using jargon that I wouldn't understand. He made sure what he was explaining made sense to me before going on with the conversation.

Did I mention that he was a really nice guy.


My wife, Brenda, and I have used Providence Electric many times for over four years, both for our dental office and residential electrical needs.  We have always found them to be prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, skilled, and honest.  We gladly recommend Providence Electric to anyone needing any type of electrical service.  “

 Dr. Randy and Brenda Moran

Providence Electric has taken care of our home and our business for five years for electrical and telephone issues.  They are always available when we’ve called and they have always given us honest answers. 

We recently moved our office location and had a difficult time getting coordination from the local telephone company to get transfer our phone service and get it up and running by the opening of our new location.  Providence Electric worked with our telephone provider and ensured that our phone service was up on time for our business opening.

Dr. and Mrs. Mulhall

 “We have had Providence electric out to our church for a number of occasions for a number of reasons.  We have grown to become confident in Providence’s advice and in their professional opinion.  We gladly recommend them to any church congregation looking to find an honest telephone and electrical technicians.

Gary, Christ Lutheran Church

I have had Providence Electric to my house, my church, and to my residential property that I manage.  They have always taken care of our electrical needs and have always exhibited the highest level of professionalism.  They have also always treated my residential clients with respect and dignity as if they were his clients.  I highly recommend them for any electrical needs that you may have.

Mr. Frank Litt

We have used Providence Electric exclusively for five years to take care of all of our telephone and data needs for all of our remodeling for our commercial properties.  We have always referred him to our commercial clients for their telephone and data needs.  We have recently in the last couple of years began to use Providence for some of our smaller electrical projects.  We are convinced that we can count of Providence Electric for all of our telephone, data, and electrical issues and we recommend them for your telephone, data, and electrical needs.

 Amanda, Conti and Son